About San Jose Bike Clinic

Open Hours [ Please see restrictions below

Our current hours of operation are:

Wednesday5 pm – 8 pm
Thursday5 pm – 8 pm
Friday5 pm – 8 pm

COVID UPDATE – September 14, 2021

The volunteers at San Jose Bike Clinic continually monitor the Santa Clara County COVID-19 web page and institute policies to comply with the latest health ordinances.

In accordance with the latest county orders we abide by the following rules:

  1. EVERYONE (absolutely no exceptions) who enters the shop MUST wear a mask. We will have CLEAN, reusable masks for anyone who does not have a mask. Each mask will be used only once and then washed. If you want to keep the mask you can – in exchange we are asking for a $5 donation to help us replace them.
  2. All shop volunteers will be provided with face shields (optional), masks, nitrile gloves and ample amounts of hand sanitizer.
  3. Only two patrons will be allowed in the shop at any one time. The doors will remain open to allow fresh air to circulate inside, with a chain crossing the entrance. A volunteer will allow one patron to enter as another leaves to maintain the max 2 at a time limit.
  4. Rather than having patrons handle tools and do the work themselves – part of our core mission of education – we will be shifting to something closer to a full-service model where the volunteers will do the work, but at the same time they will explain what they are doing so patrons can learn from them.
  5. Patrons will be asked to stand behind a red tape line 6 feet from the work area. This is to help facilitate the proper social distancing ordinances.
  6. In order to help as many people as possible all service we provide must fit within a 30 minute time frame. If your bike needs more work than can be done in that time then the volunteers can only continue working on it if there is nobody else waiting. We appreciate your patience and support as we all work through this challenging time.

DIY Bicycle Repair Workshop

San José Bike Clinic is a do-it-yourself community bicycle workshop located in downtown San Jose. We are entirely volunteer-run and non-profit, a fiscally sponsored program of Silicon Valley Bicycle Coalition.

Our shop is located at 80 N 4th St, San Jose, CA 95112. We are right at the corner of N 4th St and E Saint John. You can’t miss us!

Our Mission

The mission of the San José Bike Clinic is to build a robust and diverse cycling community in San José by providing a shared space for bicycle repair and education.

Open Hours

Our current hours of operation are:

Wednesday5 pm – 8 pm
Thursday5 pm – 8 pm
Friday5 pm – 8 pm

Contact us via email at sjbc@bikesiliconvalley.org or text message at (408) 493-0693.

San José Bike Clinic was the dream of a small group of volunteers that has now become a reality. Imagine…

  • Imagine a city with flat terrain and perfectly temperate, dry weather year-round.
  • Imagine its residents; fun-loving, practical, health-conscious, environmentalist, and brilliant.
  • Imagine its cycling culture, thriving with thrilling events like San José Bike Party, strong organizations like the Silicon Valley Bicycle Coalition, and amazing plans like the City of San José’s Better Bike Plan 2025.
  • Imagine a space, dedicated to these cyclists, this city, and its thriving bike culture – a community space for bike repair, bike education, and general all-around bike love.

You’ve just met San José Bike Clinic. It’s nice to meet you.

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